VNN’s Vaporwave Best of 2023… So Far!

Hello readers out there in FutureSounds Land! I’m Alyx (aka TrucksPassingTrucks) and I run a podcast called Vaporwave News Network: a bi-weekly podcast about the contemporary Vaporwave Scene. We feature News, Reviews, History, and Current Trends as well as reporting on upcoming releases and events in the vaporwave, future funk and adjacent communities. I’m so stoked to collate some lists from our recent episode to share on FutureSounds! Enjoy yourself…

Recently on Vaporwave News Network, we asked some friends to help us search for the Top 5 Releases that have happened Thus Far in 2023. I reached out to a few curators and community members in the scene to get their picks including: Xnot (YouTube Curator), Quiz (Community Member/Discord Mod), BigBabyProfit (Curator/Vinyl DJ), FutureSounds Podcast Crew (the lads from this very website’s podcast), Nite Patrol (Future Funk DJ/FFVCG Mod) and some picks from myself, Alyx/TrucksPassingTrucks

I know this is a bit late compared to most podcasts and writers in the indie-media-sphere, but with all the hustle and bustle around the Vaporwave Weekend in NYC, I think some mid-year stuff got lost in the shuffle. Personally, I I think some albums from the summer months got lost in the shuffle as well. So in the spirit of cosplaying as a taste-maker-cum-list-maker journalist, I’m going to share some lists from myself plus other curators and community members in the vaporwave scene! I made a big ole graphic sort-of in the style of the old Super Guides and Nu Guide from reddit, but you’ll have to scroll down to read everyone’s list…

If you want to get in on the action, there is a Google Form where people have weighed in on yer favorites from this year. Click on the LINK to respond.  

I’ll be going over some of the audience favorites and sorting out some data for the next episode in October. ⚠️ Please No Reissues, only New 2023 Releases ⚠️ Please No Synthwave/Chillsynth, we do not cover that on the VNN Podcast ⚠️

VNN (Alyx/TrucksPassing Trucks)




FutureSounds Picks

Again, if you want to submit your Top 5 List (and honorable mentions), head over to our Google Form

If you would like to listen to the podcast and hear a short description and some thoughts about each of the releases, you can head over to the Episode 10 Website and listen there or on your platform of choice. We are also on YouTube where you can watch the episode and Instagram where we post highlight graphics, reviews and Vaporwave History! 

Links for the Curator’s Pages and Social Media:

Xnot: LINK

Quiz: LINK 

BigBabyProfit: LINK 

FutureSounds: LINK

NitePatrol: LINK 

TrucksPassingTrucks: LINK 

The host, editor, and creative engine for Vaporwave News Network is Alyx Poska aka TrucksPassingTrucks (Vaporwave/Future Funk DJ) and owner of Pacific Plaza Records. You can get in contact with the podcast via email at VaporwaveNewsNetwork[at]

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