About FutureSounds

FutureSounds is a collaborative effort, established in late 2021 to help promote and develop the Vaporwave and Synthwave scenes.

It is comprised of artists, bloggers, radio hosts, two record labels – and most importantly, music fanatics. All of whom share the same ethos: to bring you the best in musical discussion and discovery.

FutureSounds takes many forms, as an online magazine, a regular podcast and a series of live events. You can access it all using this online hub.

The magazine hosts a wide range of articles, including news, reviews and think pieces; there’s a dedicated tab where you can keep up with the FutureSounds FM podcast; and we’ll be bringing you an exclusive range of merchandise and apparel.

Our aim is to spark a discussion and share some of the music we love. We’re not here to tell you what to like but we’ll try to share our discoveries and musings, and hopefully with a bit of creativity, love and honesty!

Team Bios

Enzo Van Baelen

Enzo Van Baelen is a Producer for the upcoming documentary, ’Nobody Here: The Story of Vaporwave’, and the co-founder of the UK record labels ‘My Pet Flamingo’ & ‘TimeSlave Recordings’. He produces Synthwave & Vaporwave under his own name, but also as a part of the groups Timeshare’94 and 3PeaceSweetz.

Enzo is a fanatical collector of vinyl and a part-time DJ with experience in UK Pirate Radio stations dating back to the explosion of the Hardcore, Garage and Drum & Bass scenes. Outside of music you’ll often find him drinking craft beers, spending time with his daughter or watching his beloved Spurs (sometimes all at once).

Patrick Fakeman

Established in 2018, Fakeman has a passion for a wide range of music genres from electronic music to yacht rock, disco and city pop.

Initially blogging about the synthwave scene, Fakeman facilitated interviews and premieres from genre artists, later moving on to interview Hollywood composers, musicians and actors such as Steven Bauer and Brad Fiedel.

Fakeman enjoys the world of DJing with the lockdown Tapedeck Sessions as well as sets for Parallels, Hotline Bristol, FutureSounds, Clwb Flamingo and SpaceJams.

A self-confessed Shinnichi 親日, Fakeman loves exploring Japanese culture. From making (and eating) Ramen to the movies and music of the country.

Thom Hosken

Thom Hosken is a producer, multi-instrumentalist and lapsed musicologist. He releases plunderphonic parodies as Wichita LimeWire and moody IDM as Love in Dust. He makes up one half of vaporwavers Donor Lens and one third of retro rave crew 3PeaceSweetz.

Thom teaches music in schools and runs a small recording studio from his home in Epping Forest. He is devising an intensive instrumental practise routine for his baby son, as well as raising him to be a Spurs fan.

Rob Dyson

Rob Dyson is a comms and PR guy by trade, working with leading charities and UK businesses. By night, as it were, Rob is one half of the hugely popular Forever Synth radio show and podcast (with Joe Ward) – which has recently returned as a monthly outing after a haitus, following three years of weekly live broadcasts on London’s Riverside Radio.

Being a man of a certain age, Rob has been part of many music subcultures; from early 90s hiphop to late 90s drum and bass – “finding” synthwave and vaporwave enthusiastically in 2017.

He’s affectionately nicknamed “triple booked” because as the dad of a seven year old he’s always a very busy bloke.