West Coast Rollin’ with Augnos & Enraile [Track Review]

As the video game jungle revival continues at pace, Enraile puts a rough & tough jump-up spin on Augnos’s ‘Chroma Trails’ from the upcoming Gilded Sentience EP (out on Pacific Plaza Records, 23rd June)

Enraile uses the arpeggios, atmospherics and PS1-era percussion from the luscious original , then adds extra heft with his signature, contemporary sound design. Morphing basses, stabs, and a heavily-distorted one-shot hook sit in a hot, loud mix that is nonetheless pristine. Enraile excels at this tempo and feel, with his Nikki Flores flip ‘I Got U 2‘ being a standout tune in this scene.

The arrangement is fully club-ready with a DJ-friendly intro and outro, evidence that both Enraile and Augnos have been taking this music out of the console and into the club at Shrek Raves, Wipeout 1997 parties and the upcoming Crystal Nostalgia show.

Here in the UK, Shirobon (whose PlayStation reverbs Augnos appears to have used to produce the EP) is launching his Club Bios night to give a home for these Y2K rave/game sounds.

Check out the rest of the Gilded Sentience EP when it drops on June 23rd, and support this movement by getting down to some of these new parties or playing these tunes in DJ mixes of your own. 

Augnos – Chroma Trails (Enraile Remix) is out now on all streaming platforms

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