Exclusive ‘Flamingo Funk vol.3′ Preview: The Funk is Back! 

Check out our preview of Flamingo Funk vol.3 with 5 exclusive tracks – plus the first look at Victor Arce’s stunning artwork for the album.

‘Flamingo Funk Vol. 3’ showcases 28 tracks from some of the biggest names in Vaporwave and Future Funk, many of which are exclusive to the compilation – and none of which have previously been released in physical form.

Many of the featured artists are Flamingo Funk regulars, but the album comes with some surprises, too… (urap urap urap).

If you’ve never listened to the Flamingo Funk series before you can check out Volume 1 here and Volume 2 here.

After a lengthy lay-off of nearly four years – due in no small part to the pandemic, and lengthy lead times in vinyl production – we’re stoked to be back for a third (and possibly final) time. 

Having curated the compilation with my good friend Eric Hughes (SlyVinyl), I feel like I’m well placed to say that this might just be the best edition yet. And we’re giving FutureSounds readers an early scoop on the track listing, as well as a taste of what to expect when the record drops on March 17th. 

As ever, all of the profits will go to good causes and we’re eternally grateful to all of the artists involved for allowing us to share their music. Without their generosity Flamingo Funk simply wouldn’t exist. 

I’d also like to thank Victor Arce who has once again pulled out all the stops to make this as much of a visual treat as it is an aural one. 

We’ve got exclusive previews of 5 tracks from the album, which will be available on Vinyl, Cassette, MiniDisc and Digital formats on March 17th 2023 on My Pet Flamingo

We got our staff writers at FutureSounds to give you the exclusive lowdown on 5 tracks from the album…


ev.exiYou Can’t Run 

“ev.exi lands on Flamingo Funk for the first time with a brand new and exclusive Future Funk cut: ‘You Can’t Run’. 

“As well as his signature style of rich and tightly cut beats, the lead vocal invokes memories of Debbie Harry in Blondie’s 70s / 80s new wave peak. A dancing tune to its very core, You Can’t Run’s final 3rd provides the most satisfactory of drops to get you away from the bar and on to the dancefloor. Coming in at just over 3 minutes, it’s the perfect track to fill DJ sets and events of the summer ahead.”

Patrick Fakeman

FIBRE x DiscandyThe Only One 

“Dust off the disco ball and get ready to hit the dance floor!

“FIBRE and Discandy distill all the hallmarks of great Future Funk into a single track. Originally intended to be a slow jam, FIBRE couldn’t help but kick it up a gear into the high energy tune it is today. 

“From the driving baseline, to the upbeat and chopped vocals, ‘The Only One’ is the only track you’ll need to get your groove on. The perfect track to welcome FIBRE and Discandy to the Flamingo Funk family!”

Eric Hughes

AuragraphLinoleum City 

“Auragraph’s Linoleum City is ostensibly a midi-Vaporwave track, but it could just as easily sit in any Synthwave collection.  

“The first of the two heavy-laden bass lines (the infamous Korg M1 slap-bass) takes the reins of the melody & immediately makes me think of ‘Long Hot Summer’ by Style Council. The other whisks me away to a track I really hold dear, ‘Burning Feeling’ by Lovelock. They propel a busy, but slickly-produced tropical sounding track with Miami Vice-esque vibes. I love the ever-so-slight change in tone of the song at the half-way stage and the use of subtle layering to build tension. Having listened back to a couple of his albums, this track feels like a follow-up from his 2022 ‘Vista’ album which is an amazing listen.

“It’s over in a heartbeat, leaving the listener thirsting for more, but its obvious you’re listening to the work of someone operating at the highest end of electronic music production.”

Joe Ward

waterfront dining –  dusty haywards 

“waterfront dining conjures up a Mediterranean mood with the blissful Balearic flavoured ‘dusty haywards’. 

“Beneath a layer of surface noise, the track switches between a sweaty synth riff and a ‘hey hey hey’ beatdown section a bunch of times before finishing abruptly on a new chord that surely prefaces a cheesy key change in the source tune. When experienced in the context of the new Flamingo Funk compilation, this sudden ending becomes a perfectly smooth transition into the similarly Euro-tastic ‘Ode to Olivia’ by Luxury Elite.”

Thom Hosken

Luxury EliteOde to Olivia (Haze Layer) 

“Lux is back with a Euro-tinged slice of Vapor – complete with handclaps, a head-nodding shuffle of a beat, and a sharp synth melody in the mix; reminiscent of a holiday spent in the heat-haze of a European beach circa 1983. Just shy of a slight 3 minutes, we spend enough time to feel complacent on the Campari. It may almost be Spring in the UK, but I’m already tipsy for Summer with this spirited short. Glug.”

Rob Dyson


Tracklisting in full:

Various Artists: ‘Flamingo Funk vol.3’ (My Pet Flamingo)

Saint Pepsi – ビ ッ グ バ ン の 祭 壇 BANGALTER

FIBRE x Discandy – The Only One 

Timeshare ’94 – Emergency 

Strawberry Station – Feels Like I know You 

Macross 82-99 X Vantage – Strawberry Sunset 

synchro//start – Kaleidoscope Cove 

Mélonade – Departure 

Conscious Thoughts – How’d We Get This Way? 

Mac Lacrosse – Magic Key 

ev.exi – You Can’t Run 

Pad Chennington – ハウスショップ 

Monodrone – ミッドナイトクルーズ

Hanari, Vaperror & Stux.lo – Moonside 

Frank Javcee – Raining in LA 

waterfront dining – dusty haywards 

Luxury Elite – Ode to Olivia (Haze Layer) 

Hotel Pools & Windows 96 – Lynx 

Auragraph – Linoleum City 

Macroblank –  サービスの不具合 

Dan Mason – Never Did 

Donor Lens – Uncanny Valley Girl 

Bl00dwave & Runners Club 95 – You 

猫 シ Corp. – Window Shopping  

Tupperwave – Oceanside 

version – surplace 

Eyeliner – Deja-Vu

Limousine – Memories & How We Remember Them 

░▒▓新しいデラックスライフ▓▒░ – ☼ サ ン ラ イ ズ TODAY☀/✰ ✭ ✰ MORNING 今 日 の プ ロ グ ラ ミ ン グ DAYTIME ✰ ✭ ✰ 


The Charities

The return of the Flamingo Funk series sees us once again teaming up to raise money for good causes. 

This year we will be donating 40% of the profits to Shelter Cymru, a charity that helps thousands of people across Wales to escape homelessness and who work tirelessly to fight the impact the housing emergency has on people and society. 

A further 60% will be split between four charities or organisations close to our hearts. 

Our Barn, a charity that runs community-based activities providing learning, life skills and social interaction for young people aged between 16 to 35 with learning disabilities or autism. 

Age Cymru, a national charity whose mission is to make life better for older people. More than ever before, older people are facing some of the hardest challenges imaginable. Some live in poverty or can’t get the basic care they need to live with dignity. Age Cymru is there to support them when they’re needed the most.

Queensbury Boxing Gym in Barry, which works with local boxing legend and former World IBF Featherweight champion, Lee Selby, to help provide opportunities to young people through sport and physical activity. 

Plus a donation of £1,000 to St Fagans Cricket Club, a local community club in the Cardiff area that provides amazing social and sporting opportunities for people of all ages. Our donation will be used to pay for the installation of a life saving defibrillator on site.


Flamingo Funk vol.3 will be released on My Pet Flamingo on March 17th 2023.

Written by Enzo Van Baelen

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