ECCO CHAMBER #03 – feat. w00b, b.michaael, Satellite Young, Pikes & LongDistanceDan

FutureSounds staff writers give their pick of the fortnight’s new & notable tracks…


w00b – ‘ZEEK’ [7007] Self Released

Winter has firmly arrived here in the UK. It’s cold, it’s wet.. What we need are some soothing soundwaves to head in our direction, on a warm current of new releases. 

So here comes w00b with recently released EP ‘7007,’ a collection of low-fi vapor tracks with warming instrumentals and some very sleek production. My stand out track is ‘ZEEK’ – a wonderfully layered 5 minute opus that invokes memories of 90s chill compilation ‘Pure Moods’ in its use of strings and dreamy vocals intertwined with more modern vaportrap beats.

Patrick Fakeman


b.michaael – ‘Arpeggi Limit’ [Built2Crawl] Orange Milk

I checked this out on the recommendation of ‘rglyphdice’ of Good Night Tapes. I’d been listening to some old Terry Riley pieces and watching Keith Rankin (who did the album layout here) taking us behind the scenes of Death’s Dynamic Shroud production process. This clearly got me in the mood for some frantic arpeggios and stereophonic ear candy.

The whole album Built2Crawl by b.michaael is full of vivid, detailed sound design and is clever without taking itself seriously – a balance nicely struck as usual by Orange Milk Records. The music and visuals reminds me a little of the work of Theo Woodward, who was instrumental in bringing the Donor Lens ‘Error Area’ album to life. Shout out Theo and shout out b.michaael/Orange Milk!

Thom Hosken


Satellite Young (feat. Mitch Murder) – Sniper Rouge [Satellite Young] TimeSlave Recordings, (2023)

East meets West to stunning effect, as kitsch Japanese synth-pop collective ‘Satellite Young’ combine with Swedish Synthwave pioneer – Mitch Murder – on this track. No, it’s not new. But we recently took delivery of a vinyl pressing of Satellite Young’s eponymous debut album (which features this cut) and I just can’t stop playing it. 

Mitch’s production is flawless, energetic and the melodies impossible to shift from your brain. I find myself singing along, despite not knowing (or understanding) the words. This might just be the best synthwave track ever released.

Enzo Van Baelen


Pikes – ‘Power Ranger’ [Falsetto Boy] Pikes

Catchy, corny, crazy-good retro cut from an artist I unearthed recently on Spotify Discovery. A gloriously-rich synth-bass takes centre-stage from the off before proceeding to subside, as we’re introduced to the core elements of the track; a sumptuously slappin’ bass guitar with a sweet hook that keeps us going right to the end.

I’m not one to care a great deal for lyrics but these are relatable to each and every one of us. Whether you’re already in a relationship or perhaps longing for the chance to start one with someone you deem to be special, we can all take something from them. All these components make for a truly memorable retro track that certainly hasn’t received the attention it deserves. I honestly cannot fault a single element of this track, and I usually find a way!

Joe Ward


Long Distance Dan – ‘Floating’ [Sun Filled Skylines EP] Dusted Industries 

Psych beats, lo-fi electronica producer, Long Distance Dan, releases a new EP, ‘Sun Filled Skylines’ – which contains stand-out track, ‘Floating’.

‘Floating’ low key growls and stalks; cutting-up a tabla roll interspersed with something wet popping and electricity fizzling – against a bulging, menacing bass. All the while a synth distorts up and down keys, echoing around the track. The whole sensation invokes a pleasurable paresthesia in a svelte 2mins 49 seconds; I imagine AMSR fans will like this one. 

This EP marks a subtle change of direction for Long Distance, who usually operates in a left-field psychedelic, experimental hip-hop space. Previous releases have included turns from Nosaj from abstract rap-duo New Kingdom, as well as Kid Acne, and post hip-hop act Cryptochrome. I for one am enjoying the wonky and weird approach to ‘Sun Filled Skylines’.

Rob Dyson


Tuesday 13th December, 2022

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