‘It’s a Vaporwave Christmas’ once again, thanks to Pacific Plaza & friends

Pacific Plaza Records return once again with a Christmas collection of Vapor-crackers

Got the tree up? Done all your shopping? Been to a Santa’s grotto with a sprog? The answer is likely no right now to all these things – but hark and herald; because the season has now officially begun with Pacific Plaza’s third installment in their “It’s a Vaporwave Christmas” series.

Volume 3 hits the label’s Bandcamp this Friday 3 December, with digital and cassette variants. As of today – 28 November – you can preorder the download HERE for the cost-of-living-kind price of $1.

FutureSounds has had an exclusive early listen to some of the tracks, and we can tell you that Pacific Plaza really have filled their snowboots this year; gifting us a seasonal snug of subgenres – spanning slushwave, vaporwave zero, vaportrap, lo fi, breakbeats, and festive future funk from its label artists and beyond.

Aside from the publicly available single by Wizard of Loneliness, we’ve even got an exclusive stream (below) of three of the tracks from the album…

Tracks by Groovy Kaiju and Discoholic, as well as DATAGIRL‘s collaboration with Nanoshrine.



The overall sensation is entering a cosy, clouded haze of strung coloured lights in a snow-blurred liminal setting. As we’re led through fuzzy memories of Christmases past with reworkings of seasonal classics (Seabaud, Trucks Passing Trucks) via some slushy steps in the snow (VANITAS命死, Timeshare ’94), over to exhuberant party funk (Discoholic, NetNavi), and even some inspired Christmas originals which will make your annual vapor festive playlists (Groovy Kaiju, Wizard of Loneliness – the latter with the titularly titled “a vaporwave Christmas).

In short, this a must-have collection – even if you only bring it out every December.

Full tracklisting is below, and you can head over now to Pacific Plaza’s Bandcamp for the pre-order and don’t forget it’s this Friday for the physicals.

What a stocking filler!

Tracklisting in full:

Various – It’s a Vaporwave Christmas, Vol 2 [Pacific Plaza Records]

Wizard of Loneliness – A Vaporwave Christmas

Groovy Kaiju – Kaiju Christmas

Discoholic – Christmas to Me (ft. Matthew Clanton)

Alpha Chrome Yayo – Kimonos at Christmas

Riverwave 川の波 – Holidays on Molly

Darien Shields – Snowy Morning (Vaporwave Mix)

NetNavi – Live From the North Pole

DATAGIRL & Nanoshrine – So Cold

Luxury Noise – Feast in the Vale

Trucks Passing Trucks – Rising of the 🌞

Seabaud – O Holy Night

Device Operator – Fireside Wishes

g h 0 s t – call me this christmas

회사AUTO – London Bells

Katherine – Chestnuts

Aviscerall – cuddle weather

ChibaCityBlues – Statues of Ice and Jade

VANITAS命死 – クリスマス VHS ’98

TVVIN_PINEZ_M4LL – December Right In The Feels

Timeshare’94 – U n d e r T h e X m a s T r e e


Be sure to check out Volume One and Volume Two of this series as well.

Written by Rob Dyson

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