ECCO CHAMBER #02 – feat. Fury Weekend, Brothertiger, Droid Bishop, Mezzaluna & Discoholic

FutureSounds staff writers give their pick of the fortnight’s new & notable tracks…


Fury Weekend – ‘Soul Survivor (feat. Ollie Wride) [Single] FIXT

‘Soul Survivor’ feels like a throwback and that’s no bad thing. I haven’t been caught like this by a Synthwave release for some time, and perhaps that’s why.

I often miss the sounds that got me hooked in the first place; those brooding French House inspired acts that made New Retro Wave the hottest channel on YouTube for a while. There’s still plenty of great new music coming out all the time, but the memory of those early days is fading a little – like the edges of an old photograph.

In steps Fury Weekend with a dark, yet funky instrumental so good it pulled Ollie Wride out of his collaborative hiatus. His vocals soar across a killer instrumental bed with nods to peak Kavinsky, and more than a little taste of MJs Thriller. Ollie’s been working on new music, with an album slated for early 2023, and we can’t wait for that, but check out Fury Weekend’s work too.

Enzo Van Baelen


Brothertiger – ‘Tangerine’ [Brothertiger] Self Released

The summer of 2022 was the one where we took normality by the scruff of the neck once more. Beer gardens, park picnics and holidays galore. But never have I known a summer to come and go so quickly. We’re all now in that depressing state of mind where we long for the next trip away.

‘Tangerine’ by Brothertiger is the track that speaks to each and every one of us currently enduring these feels. Much like ‘Dancer On The Water’, it takes you back to the last beach you tanned on, or perhaps the last pool you sat in whilst slurping a Mojito.

What I love about this track and many others by Brothertiger is that is falls into a genre that I think only he knows. What it’s called I’m yet to know, but it falls into the Chillwave realm without being typically slow and simple in construction. Infact there’s alot going on in this baby, and I guess it’s that non-conformity that draws me to it. Just don’t listen to it too much or you might find yourself booking on to the next flight to St Lucia without a moment’s hesitation. There’s a cost of living crisis dontcha know…

Joe Ward


Droid Bishop – ‘Hollywood’ [Nights EP] Self Released

Injecting a slight spoiler into his playful name derived from science fiction classic Aliens (1986), Droid Bishop is way more than a synthwave stereotype. New EP ‘Nights’, further displays his dazzling and complex production – which layers rhythm guitar grooves onto driving digital danceability (nods to Daft Punk of course). Elevating the aural euphoria from the front are DB’s stunning guitar licks and melodies, which – as testified in a roof-raising live performance in London’s Camden Underworld earlier this month – are miles more accomplished than his peers in the Synthwave scene; honed by years playing and touring in rock bands.

Standout track for this reviewer is ‘Hollywood’, which has a recurring refrain that plays out like a call and response – first a Les Paul lick, then a bassy synth, then repeated and expanded as the mood builds. Intermittently, a vocal sample interjects; “from Hollywood!”

I do however miss his own voice on this EP, which he started using in earnest around 2019’s ‘Rebirth of the Machine’. Droid Bishop’s dulcet tones are directly influenced by album oriented rock of the late 70s (see also Yatte, and Robert Beachgrove’s work with Ultraboss and Foret de Vin). Overall, Droid is an artist of considerable and seemingly unlimited talent, and – he tells us – he’s just getting started.

Rob Dyson


Mezzaluna – ‘Elevator Jam’ [B​l​a​c​k M​e​s​a Research Facility (猫 シ Corp. ‘Selected Works’)] Geometric Lullaby

Evocative elevator music from the Mezzaluna side of the Cat System Corp split. The whole thing is a stunning aural and visual presentation, as we have come to expect from Geometric Lullaby. I barely know what Half Life is but this concept record has me totally immersed in its science fiction, like I’m having a Rendezvous with Reality.

Thom Hosken


Discoholic – ‘Disco Soul’ (Mr. Hoosteen’s “Disco’s Revenge” Mix) [Disco Soul] Self Released

Disco. Born in the nightclubs of the late 60s and exploding into the popular consciousness a decade later, it was the musical lifeblood of cities like New York in the 1970s. Be it the darlings of Manhattan or the ‘Bridge and Tunnel’ crew from the outer boroughs, Disco was their lifeblood. Fast forward 43 years from the questionable ‘Disco Sucks’ movement of 1979 and not only did Disco survive that blip in its otherwise successful history, but it remains one of my most favourite genres. Ever.

There is an entire article in the works here, but for now i’ll just acknowledge that it’s influence and spirit continues to live on in the music of our Future Funk brothers and sisters – and for that, I am very thankful.

What I am also thankful for is the work of Discoholic. October’s release ‘Discoholics Annonymous’ brought together a bevy of talented musicians and vocalists to celebrate all things disco. This month, stand out album track ‘Disco Soul’ has been subject to a ‘Mr Hoosteen 12″ Disco Revenge Remix’. A tight reimagining with a house-like beat that celebrates the best elements of disco from the guitar licks to those stunning strings and an impeccable vocal from Sakari. This epic seven-minute track manages to do something I wasn’t quite sure would be possible – It layers yet more disco soul onto a track that was already dripping in it.

Press play and turn it up… Your neighbours will thank you for it.

Patrick Fakeman

Monday 14th November, 2022

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