ECCO CHAMBER #01 – feat. Entrana, Mick Rudry, Galaxy 80, Ogre & The Toxic Avenger

FutureSounds staff writers give their pick of the fortnight’s new & notable tracks…


Entrana – ‘WASHED UP’ [SEA D ROM] Business Casual

The opening track from Entrana’s album, ‘SEA D ROM’, ‘WASHED UP’ is a vapor journey that soothes. Released via Business Casual, the album contains a variety of musical approaches harking back to an era of load screens and panpipe moods. 

Patrick Fakeman


Mick Rudry – ‘Extended Jacuzzi Session’ [Luxury Apartment Simulation Tape] Cloudcorp.

This track by Mick Rudry comes from the recent re-release of their 2020 Vaporwave album ‘Luxury Apartment Simulation Tape’. It’s a sequence of perfect loops, placed in a perfectly-paced arrangement. The record as a whole is a great concept, clearly executed. Exactly my kind of vapor, believe it or not.

Thom Hosken


Galaxy 80 – ‘Asteroid’ [Asteroid EP] Self Released

Galaxy 80 releases understated new EP, Asteroid, on the chill side of synthwave, following single ‘Creature of Colour’ from May this year. These tracks represent his first new work since 2021’s (two!) albums Holograms, and Visions. Asteroid’s easy-on-the ear simplicity belies the complex and thoughtful production we’ve come to expect from this veteran artist. The whole EP evokes lonely space travel; sparse and ethereal but with enough melody in the mix to get your astronaut helmet nodding.

Rob Dyson


Ogre – ‘Cybercism’ [CYBERCISM] Self Released

This was a pocket pick. My one-year-old ‘found it’, accidentally bouncing into Bandcamp from YouTube nursery rhymes on my phone. She didn’t like it. Parental discretion advised, this album is sinister and brooding. Not suitable for children; perfect for anyone who likes to replicate the tension you might feel being followed at night down a dimly lit alleyway. Title track Cybercism sets you up nicely. The Ogre is back.

Enzo Van Baelen


The Toxic Avenger – ‘Getting Started’ [Single] Enchanté Records

Since going the extra mile for good quality headphones, it’s rare that I come across a song that pushes them to the edge of their ability. But recently, ‘Getting Started’ by The Toxic Avenger has been getting the Sony repeat treatment at the gym because its huge bassline drowns out all the sh*t they play there! I’m totally addicted to the enormity and simplicity of this track that make it a perfect work-out piece, plus at 6 minutes long, I can fit in 3 reps of anything!

Joe Ward

Wednesday 26th October, 2022

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