Kid Neon’s sophomore album has arrived, and it’s gone “Straight to Video”

This follow-up to his 2017 debut, Darker Days, has been percolating for a few years but the return is nothing less than a triumph.

Straight to Video features the familiar arpeggiated flourishes and Outrun stylings for which Kid Neon is known, whilst introducing a wider musical palette of new musical ideas, some of which lean heavily into Vaporwave and Future Funk.

Track Two, ‘Odyssey’, is classic Outrun, calling early Botnit and Mitch Murder to mind, whilst ‘The Reason’ sounds like the kind of French House and Disco floor-filler Stardust were serving up in the late 90s.

There are also ambitious collaborations with the likes of Occams Laser and Thom Hosken, as well as vocalists Azeem Shah and Kiera Pixie (who also did the artwork).

It’s an album that seems to change direction at will, whilst never losing its path. An album that hints at new creative ventures, but stays true to the spirit of early Synthwave pioneers. In truth, it could’ve been released on My Pet Flamingo or TimeSlave – such is its diversity.

Straight to Video is out now on TimeSlave Recordings and available on cassette, CD and digital download.

Check it out here:

Written by Enzo Van Baelen

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